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¬Ľ Danish Courses


In our busy daily life it can be difficult to find a few hours a week to tackle language course lessons. It often results in rushed, stressed work. 

We are not rested, sometimes we have to miss a class, or we may not have time to go over what has been learned, or do the homework. This means that the outcome of language courses is often less than satisfactory. 

By attending an all-day course, or a course which covers several days (possibly spread over an extended period)  one is away from the stress and rush. No ringing telephones to break concentration; one has the necessary time and peace to become engrossed in the language - in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. And the landscape and nature on Lolland-Falster, in particular here on the gently hilly north-western part of Lolland, invites relaxation. 

All the Danish courses can be held on any weekday, including week-ends, without additional charge to the course price. 

All the Danish language courses which cover several days can also be held as several one-day courses, spread over a period which suits you. 

All the Danish courses offered cover various levels of ability. 


The Danish courses are held at

ē Ursula Behrle in a welcoming and comfortable room at Vesterborg with view of Vesterborg Lake,¬†
  only 2 hours drive from Copenhagen and Odense.  

ē your place of work, your home or any other location according to your choice.¬†


You are most welcome to contact me to find the right course for you. 

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